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Welcome to Most Leading Safety Netting Company Jeevan Enterprises who’s experts in Balcony Safety Nets in Bangalore. Jeevan enterprises is started by Appanna who is basically experienced in safety nets required skills. We proud say that our company got established 10 years before and made most favorable trader in Bangalore.

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We offer absolute Free Installation of nets fixing for all types of requirements in anywhere in Bangalore


We have become Bangalore’s leading company by providing Best Quality Nets.


Since we are the wholesalers, We offer highly Competitive Price.


We deliver your material at Free of Cost at your doorstep with what ever the quantity it may be.


We Proud to say that we served many customersAcross India. and still counting…


Since we are wholesalers since a decade with 12 branches across India, So Trust is our Blood.

We are masters in
Our Nylon Safety Netting Solution provides safety anywhere where unsafe height presence.

We are experts in fixing all types of safety nets like Balcony Safety Nets, Bid Nets, Pigeon Safety Nets, Children Safety Nets for Balcony, Duct Area Safety Nets / Open Area Safety nets, Building Safety Nets, Construction Safety Nets, Cricket Practice Nets, Sports nets, each services detail are given below.

Children Safety Nets Dealers in Bangalore

Balcony Safety Nets in Bangalore

Every family wants to stay safe and protect their family members from getting involved in an accident while they are on the balcony. Jeevan Balcony Safety Nets in Bangalore offers you top-notch and very high-quality materials that are used to produce the most durable and strongest nets for your balcony

Children Safety Nets Dealers in Bangalore

Children Safety Nets for Balcony

You cannot always stop your children from going to the balcony and playing, isn’t it? So what are you going to do in order to make sure that there is no risk of safety when they are in the balcony? You can contact us at Jeevan Nets and we will safeguard your balconies with 
Children Safety Nets in Bangalore

Duct Area Safety Nets

Building Duct Area Covering Nets

Very often the duct areas are neglected by us but they needs to be secured as well. We at Jeevan Nets have been providing amazing quality 
Duct Area Safety Nets in Bangalore
for many years now. The duct areas are found in almost every building that you will come across – malls, apartments, houses, etc. Our safety nets helps to keep these areas covered throughout the year without fail.

Pigeon Nets Dealers in Bangalore

anti bird nets for balcony

Birds are present in every locality. These small creatures are beautiful and gorgeous in every sense. But they can also cause some major problems in your daily activities as well. Birds live in different parts of your buildings and many times you will be irritated by birds laying eggs or making their nests in the ventilators of AC, pipes or ducts Anti  Bird  Nets  in  Bangalore.

anti pigeon nets dealers in bangalore

pigeon nets for balconies

Pigeons only look aesthetic when you see them flying away into the sunset at the end of the day. But they can cause real menace by pooping all over your balcony. These birds are small and agile which allows them to fly to your balcony and do all sorts of a nuisance. This will snatch away the cleanliness of your balcony and also lead to some more dangerous results.Pigeon  Nets  in  Bangalore 

sports nets dealers in bangalore

sports nets dealers in bangalore

We all love to play different kinds of sports, isn’t it? But you must also make sure that you have taken all the safety precautions in order to prevent any injury or damage. Many times while playing a variety of games, due to the lack of good quality protection. If you are looking for some effective solutions that will help you to prevent any mishaps while playing any sport, then Jeevan Nets will surely help you get the best quality  All  Sports  Nets  in  Bangalore

Coconut Tree Nets in Bangalore

coconut tree safety nets in bangalore

Coconuts provide us with amazing benefits that help us in the most positive manner. Coconut is of the most popular fruit in the country and throughout India, it comprises a major part of our diet. Coconut trees are found all over the country and you must surely come across a few in your own locality as well. But there is one risk of coconut trees that have grown here and there. Coconut  Tree  Nets  in  Bangalore.

Construction Nets in Bangalore

construction safety nets suppliers

it is important that any building site installs all the safety features which will ensure that everyone is safe around the construction site. One of the most important and common safety equipment are the Construction Safety Nets. We at Jeevan Nets are one of the top manufacturers of such nets that will guarantee 100% safety to the building sites throughout the year.

Cricket Nets Dealers in Bangalore

cricket practice nets in bangalore

Cricket Practice Nets are very  useful for beginners. These nets are helping them to develop higher levels and achieve awards in Cricket Sport. From small match  to International game need practice nets. It is a very essential element for cricketers. If they want to practice in period of short time, cricket practice nets are most helpful. Our Cricket  Practice  Nets  in  Bangalore have been appreciated by players, coaches and sport lovers of India.

Glass Safety Nets Dealers in Bangalore

Glass Building Safety Nets

Glass is seen to be used nowadays in most of the buildings and apartments that are being constructed. Glass is a tansparent material which allows it to provide an aesthetic finish to any building that carries a glass architecture. Glass can be used on windows, doors and also partitions. It helps to add up to the exquisite aesthetics of the building and also allows natural light to enter the property. Glass  Safety  Nets  in  Bangalore to ensure quality for local and overseas clients.

Parking Safety Nets in Bangalore


Parking areas are with factors that make us danger zones. Parking are shared spaces so that all have responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe. Emergencies almost always cause panic and rushing. Economically people are growing stronger, which leads more vehicles will take place easily. When you are owing vehicles like car, scooter then need of awareness of Parking  Safety  Nets  in  Bangalore. Never ignore that may result in hitting your costly vehicles damage.



Whether you want to workout or just to cool off after a hard day’s work or just for fun involves with plenty of splashing swimming expedition with family. Never ever worry for risk which can cost to put in any situation. Swimming pool safety nets is the right source. Cover your swimming pools by Jeevan Enterprises Swimming  Pool  Safety  Nets  in  Bangalore, which are made with high standard net’s, that can weigh heavy load at a time.

Honest & Real Testimonials

Safety / protective net is used to protect children from falling from falling from terrace, balcony or through an open window, down the stairs or from a gallery. The net also gives those who are afraid of heights a sense of security. In addition, it protects pets from falling while keeping pigeons and other birds away. It also keeps children from throwing toys and other objects through an open window or from the terrace.

Quality Materials with Good tension of the material will ensure the safety & will do trail strength test after installation.

Our Safety nets is made out of nylon.

Our Safety net has been certified for the following radial resistance: min. 140kg/m2 for monofilament net.

No. The net is manufactured in such a way that damaging one diamond does not affect the functionality of the net. If one diamond is damaged, the tear will not spread.

The net can be installed on most windows, balconies, terraces, and staircases. If the terrace is not covered, the netting system can be attached to an aluminum frame. The net cannot be installed only when there are no adjacent surfaces to which you can attach anchor strips or the aluminum frame.

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