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Cricket is one of the most popular sports that is played in India, and in every locality, you can see a cricket club that trains and allows children to show their skill in the game. Cricket is undoubtedly a very interesting and challenging game, which anyone can play. But it is vital that individuals practise the game so that they can master it even more. Practice makes a man perfect, but at the same time, it is also important that you take important safety measures while practising cricket.

While playing the game, it can often happen that someone will get injured. So to prevent such situations from arising, Jeevan Nets has brought you cricket practise nets. Our cricket practise nets are of the highest quality, which comes with a very strong and durable finish. For more than a few years, we have been supplying amazing-quality cricket nets to the people who want to ensure safety and play a safe game all the time.

Especially in schools, colleges, and cricket clubs, with so many individuals playing the sport, it is important that you take care of their safety in the most efficient and reliable manner possible. Our cricket practise nets can withstand the impact of the ball very well, and without any damage being dealt, they prevent the ball from affecting anyone else. Our nets are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to install a brilliant net that meets your specific needs.Our cricket practise nets are made of top-quality materials, which have been tested and tried under various quality checks. Thus, we always provide you with 100% genuine and strong practise nets at an affordable price.

At Jeevan Nets, we never compromise on the safety of our customers, and we make sure that you play cricket without causing any harm to anyone else. Our cricket practise nets are available in different colours and patterns, which can match your club or school. The team of experts at our company will visit your premise and install the safety nets without any hassles and on time. Visit our website to learn more details about the safety nets.

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Frequently asked questions

Whats the Rate Per SFT?

Standard Rates as per industry is between Rs.18-24 per sft whereas thats the not the real case, Rates are inversely proportional to the Quantity. If the Sft is more then rates will reduce up-to 50% and if the quantity is very less, then the minimum charges will takes place but all prices differs from customer to customer. hence dont keep pricing factor in the mind while choose right netting service. Go with us for better quality & transparency in measurement with service warranty.

How About Quality?

Because we focus on giving High Quality nets and which we been doing last 2 decades, Hence we are in the top list among all. Quality Factor which we never compromise, We are procuring 100% genuine branded materials which are ISO standards & well tested also. We Majorly deal with Garware, Tuff Ropes & Transparent Nets. You can 100% rely on us when it comes to Quality.

How to Trust Jeevan Enterprises?

Jeevan Enterprises originally based out in bangalore and now its branches expanded to Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Vizag, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Vijayawada & our neighborhood Mysore also. You Can trust us be these factors

  • Serving Industry Since 2 Decades
  • Only ISO Brand Materials are used
  • Post Service Bill & warranty will provided*.
  • Because we are wholesalers, We are giving at lessor Price
  • Having Skilled, Experienced team whose also got insured individually & vaccinated too.
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